Marines Mask II
previously PSYCHO

Birthdate: January 5th
Debut: January 11th, 2010 (as Marines Mask II)
Previously: PSYCHO
Background: Unknown

Featured Signature Moves:
- God Trap (as PSYCHO)
- Marines Tornado Splash (as Marines Mask)

Signature Moves:
- God Trap
- Marines Bomb

Signature Moves (as PSYCHO):
- High Fly Bomb
- Sambo Package
- Somersault Cutter
- Thanatos

A member of K-Dojo since its very start, PSYCHO is a mysterious character who was expected to become one of the stars of the promotion. After taking part in several All Japan, ZERO-1, and NOAH shows as a K-dojo representative, PSYCHO was not been able to keep up with the initial expectations and mostly remained a midcarder until he changed into Marines Mask II in January of 2010. After changing his gimmick, he fairly quickly won his first major singles championship, the Independent Jr. Heavyweight Championship from GENTARO.

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