Katsuhiko Nakajima

Birthdate:  March 3rd, 1988
Debut:  January 5th, 2004
Background:  Judo and World Japan
Alliances:  Follows Kensuke Sasaki
Ring Attire:  White trunks with blue stripes
Card Position:  Mid-Card
Championship History:  GHC Jr. Heavyweight Championship, All Asia Tag Team Championship, WWA World Welterweight Championship, and the All Japan World Jr. Heavyweight Championship
Current Title Held:  None

- Nakajima with a high kick to Hayashi
- After winning the All Japan Jr. Heavyweight Championship
- Nakajima with a German Suplex onto Morishima
- A German suplex to Kondo

Signature Moves:
- Aztec Suplex
- Death Roll
- German Suplex Hold
- Half Hatch Suplex
- Leghook German Suplex Hold
- R-15

World Japan History:
Nakajima actually made his professional wrestling debut in World Japan, losing to Tomohiro Ishii in the main event on January 5th, 2004 at the age of 15. This was towards the end of the promotion's life however and he soon left the promotion to wrestler for New Japan.

2005 Recap:
Rarely does a wrestler have as much of an impact at such a young age then Nakajima did in 2005.  In 2005, Nakajima wrestled for Dragon Gate, NOAH, and All Japan, with All Japan being the place he had the most success.  Teaming with Kensuke Sasaki, they won the titles on July 26th, making the 17 year old Nakajima one of the youngest champions in puroresu history.  Nakajima also wrestled with Sasaki in NOAH, wrestling Kobashi and Go Shiozaki on November 5th in an outstanding match.  One of the best young wrestlers in Japan, Nakajima has a bright future in puroresu.

2006 Recap:
Nakajima held All Asia Tag Team Championship along with his mentor Kensuke Sasaki for the first part of the year until they were forced to vacate due to Sasaki's injury in the summer. He also participated in his first All Japan Champion Carnival, and even though he came in last in his bracket it was a good experience. Nakajima wrestled in Zero-One MAX as well, where he held the WWA World Welterweight Championship. In the summer, Nakajima reached the finals of the All Japan Jr. Heavyweight Tournament, but lost in the finals to Kaz Hayashi. Still young and gaining experience, Nakajima made a big leap in 2006 and proved that he is ready for the next step.

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