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UWAI #32

Written by Kevin Wilson

After the fall of Big Mouth LOUD in the summer of 2006, Fumihiko Uwai decided he wasn't finished promoting wrestling events and started UWAI STATION. Big Mouth LOUD had been lead by Uwai and Kazunari Murakami, but they had a disagreement which lead to the promotion disbanding. Also, while Katsuyori Shibata was the contracted main event star of Big Mouth LOUD, for UWAI STATION he was technically a Freelancer who Uwai (his agent at the time) would use on his shows. The promotion wouldn't last very long (only eight shows) as Shibata stopped wrestling for UWAI STATION and shows became less and less frequent.

The promotion had its first event on December 3rd, 2006. Instead of Shibata in the main event, Yoshihiro Takayama, Minoru Suzuki and SUWA vs. Tatsutoshi Goto, Michiyoshi Ohara, and Blue Wolf ended the card. During the next few shows they had a variety of different wrestlers from other promotions participate, including Jushin Thunder Liger, Yoshitsune, Fujita "Jr." Hayato, Kengo Mashimo, and others. They also had a lot of "Different Style Fights," which had a more shoot-style feel. While putting on shoot-style matches, they also had bizarre comedy matches, such as Petit Silma Man vs. Small Giant Baba and Miyama Mask (who was five years old) against Kikutaro. Running different types of cards on a monthly basis didn't help attendance, Shibata leaving the promotion after the second event hurt them, and they didn't have television besides their first event. The events became further apart, as they had two the first month but by their last show three months had passed since the previous event. Losing money and not having any of their own stars, the promotion had no chance and had to fold.

Unfortunately, UWAI STATION doesn't have much of a legacy and will no doubt be forgotten in a matter of years. The only significant event during the promotion's tenure was Shibata growing tired of Uwai and going his own way, as Shibata began participating primarily in MMA and left professional wrestling behind. The promotion didn't run enough events to leave an impact and most of their shows had no relevance as they used the same pool of Freelancers that most other small independent promotions used. UWAI Station had no consistency and no direction, and those two factors helped lead to their early demise.