Joe Doering

Birthdate: April 16th, 1982
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 297 lbs.
Debut: December 19th, 2004 vs. D-Ray 3000
Background: Canadian Indies
Promotion History: All Japan (2007 to present)
Alliances:  Voodoo Murderers
Ring Attire:  Red trunks
Card Position:  Upper Mid-Card
Major Tournaments Won: Real World Tag League (2007)
Current Title Held: None

Puroresu Championship History:

All Japan World Tag Team Championship with Keiji Mutoh:
- Defeated Satoshi Kojima and TARU on 1/3/08 and lost to Suzuki and Kea on 6/28/08

Biggest Matches:
- October 18th, 2007 vs. Suwama
- December 9th, 2007 with Keiji Mutoh vs. Satoshi Kojima and Suwama (tournament win)
- January 3rd, 2008 with Keiji Mutoh vs. Satoshi Kojima and TARU (title win)

- Doering with a Spiral Bomb to Suwama
- An Argentine Backbreaker

Featured Signature Moves:
- Death Valley Driver
- Lariat
- Spiral Bomb

Signature Moves:
- Backdrop Suplex
- Canadian Backbreaker
- Fallaway Slam
- Gutwrench Helicopter Slam
- Lou Thesz Press
- Sky High Bomb
- Spinebuster

2007 Recap:
Joe Doering made his All Japan debut during the summer of 2007 and immediately started making an impact. After mowing down the mid-card competition (Hirai, Araya, T28, and others), Doering shocked many fans when on October 18th he defeated Suwama in a singles match. Since then Suwama has sworn revenge, but in the first match of the Real World Tag League Doering pinned Suwama again with the Spiral Bomb. Doering and Mutoh would go on to win the Real World Tag League, defeating Kojima and Suwama in the finals (this time with Mutoh pinning Suwama). They would only lose once in the tournament, which was to Kensuke Sasaki and Toshiaki Kawada (Mutoh was pinned). As 2007 ended, Doering was still riding a wave of success as he prepared to team with Mutoh to win the All Japan World Tag Team Championship in early 2008.

2008 Recap:
In his first full year in All Japan, Doering found success in both singles and tag team action. He opened the year teaming with Keiji Mutoh, and on January 3rd they won the All Japan World Tag Team Championship. They would hold the titles until the summer, but due to Mutoh's busy schedule they did not make any defenses. In his first Champion Carnival, Doering did well (and even picked up a win over Minoru Suzuki), but was unable to reach the finals. In the finale of his big feud of the spring, on May 25th he defeated Zodiac in a mask vs. hair match. After wrestling for the Regular Army since arriving, in the fall Doering surprised everyone when he joined the Voodoo Murderers. He began teaming with his old enemy Zodiac, and together they wrestled in the Real World Tag League, coming in 3rd place.

2009 Recap:
Doering stayed in the Voodoo Murderers throughout the year, fighting mostly against the All Japan Regular Army. He did not do too well in the Champion Carnival, with no big wins and coming in 4th place in his block. He wrestled on the big Sumo Hall event in August, but his Voodoo Murderers team had issues staying on one page and they fell to Akebono and company. On October 24th he and TARU took on Akebono and Hama to challenge for the All Asia Tag Team Championship, but Akebono pinned TARU. In the Real World Tag League, he teamed again with TARU but Doering got the flu and the pair were forced to forfeit most of their matches.

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