Birthdate:  August 23rd, 1964
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 244 lbs.
Debut:  July 26th, 1996
Background:  Graduated from the Bukoh Dojo
Promotion History: Wrestle Yume Factory (1996 to 1998), Toryumon (1999 to 2004), Dragon Gate (2004), and All Japan (2004 to present)
Formally:  Great Ruta (one night)
Alliances:  Leader of the Voodoo Murderers
Ring Attire:  Black pants
Card Position:  Mid-Card
Major Tournaments Won: None
Current Title Held: None

Championship History:

All Japan World Heavyweight Tag Team Championship with Satoshi Kojima:
- Defeated Kawada and Taiyo Kea on 8/26/07 and lost to Joe Doering and Keiji Mutoh on 1/3/08

All Japan All Asia Tag Team Championship with Big Daddy Voodoo:
- Defeated Ryota Hama and Akebono on 4/29/10 and lost to Seiya Sanada and Manabu Soya on 8/29/10

UWA World Trios Championship with CIMA and Big Fuji:
- Defeated Darkness Dragon, Mochizuki, and S. Mochizuki on 1/8/02 and lost to Milano Collection A.T., YOSSINO and "brother" YASSHI on 9/8/02

Biggest Matches:
- January 8th, 2002 with CIMA and Big Fuji vs. Darkness Dragon, Mochizuki, and Mochizuki
- November 19th, 2005 vs. Great Muta
- January 8th, 2006 vs. Satoshi Kojima (title challenge)
- August 26th, 2007 vs. Kea and Kawada (title win)

- TARU as Great Ruta
- Neck Hold by TARU
- TARU spits water towards the crowd

Signature Moves:
- Malw
- Scissors Kick to the Groin
- T-Crush
- TARU Driller

Signature Moves (as Great Ruta):
- Fireball
- Kakato Otoshi
- Moonsault
- Neck Hanging Bomb

2005 Recap:
The unique leader of the Voodoo Murderers, TARU rose up the card when took on more responsibility and even had singles matches against the great Keiji Mutoh in 2005.  When he isn't interfering in matches for his team mates, TARU is having his friends help him win his own matches.  TARU and Great Bernard had limited success at the Real World Tag League, but that was mainly because they lost due to being disqualified.  With the Voodoo Murderers still going at full tilt (even without Great Bernard), expect more evilness in All Japan in the future.

2006 Recap:
TARU wrecked havoc as the leader of the Voodoo Murders in 2006. Even though he was not in the All Japan Champion Carnival, he had an impact by constantly interfering in matches (particularly to hurt his old nemesis Mutoh). On September 17th, the Voodoo Murderers would defeat RO&D to force the group to disband, the ultimate victory for TARU and his team. TARU also assisted in the invasion of NOAH with his fellow Voodoo Murderers.

2007 Recap:
TARU continued to lead the Voodoo Murderers in 2007 as he also split time to appear in El Dorado. TARU did not take part of the Champion Carnival but he did win his first major title in All Japan when he teamed with Kojima on August 28th to defeat Kea and Kawada for the All Japan World Heavyweight Tag Team Championship. They would hold the titles for the rest of the year. In the Real World Tag League he teamed with the newest member of the Voodoo Murderers, ZODIAC, but they wouldn't get any points as ZODIAC got disqualified in most of the matches.

2008 Recap:
While some of the members of the Voodoo Murderers changed in 2008, TARU stayed the leader and continued recruiting new wrestlers to keep the group together. TARU and Kojima would lose their All Japan World Tag Team Championship immediately in 2008, dropping the titles to Doering and Mutoh on January 3rd. Kojima would leave the Voodoo Murderers (as would Kondo), but TARU recruited Doering who joined the group in the fall, along with Nobukazu Hirai. In the Real World Tag League, TARU teamed with Hate (Hirai's new name), but the pair would come in 7th place as TARU showed that at his age he is much better at recruiting and leading then making a serious impact in the ring.

2009 Recap:
TARU managed to keep all his members of the Voodoo Murders in 2009, and even added a new wrestler to make the team even stronger. TARU mostly took a leadership role in 2009 and recruited Minoru to the Voodoo Murderers, bringing their total number to five. Per usual he did not take part in the Champion Carnival, but he did team up with Doering in the fall to try to win the All Asia Tag Team Championship from Akebono and Hama, falling short of winning the belts. In the Real World Tag League he teamed with Doering again, but after a good start Doering got the flu and they were forced to forfeit the remainder of their matches.

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