Kaz Hayashi

Birthdate:  May 18th, 1973
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 190 lbs.
Debut:  November 19th, 1992
Formally: Shiryu
Background:  Michinoku Pro
Promotion History: Michinoku Pro (1992 to 1997), WCW (1998 to 2001), All Japan (2002 to 2013), and WRESTLE-1 (2013 to present)
Alliances:  Frequently teams with Mutoh
Ring Attire:  Trunks, usually red and black
Card Position:  Mid-Card
Major Tournaments Won: Real World Tag League (2003) and the All Japan Jr. League (2006)
Current Title Held: All Japan World Jr. Heavyweight Championship

Championship History:

All Japan World Junior Heavyweight Championship:
- Defeated BLUE-K on 2/22/04 and lost to TAKA Michinoku on 1/10/05
- Defeated Naomichi Marufuji on 2/6/09

All Asia Tag Team Championship with The Great Kosuke:
- Defeated Mr. Gannosuke and Kuroda on 1/2/04 and lost to Fuchi and Tenryu on 5/22/04

All Japan World Tag Team Championship with Satoshi Kojima:
- Defeated Arashi and Mutoh on 1/18/04 and lost to Kendo Kashin and Nagata on 6/12/04

Strongest-K Championship:
- Defeated Hi69 on 9/11/04 and lost to TAKA Michinoku on 1/10/05

NWA International Lightweight Tag Team Championship with Leonardo Spanky:
- Defeated Tomohiro Ishii and Tatsuhito Takaiwa on 9/19/04 and Vacated in October 2004

Biggest Matches:
- July 26th, 1996 vs. Great Sasuke (title challenge)
- October 10th, 1996 with Dick Togo, TAKA Michinoku, Mens Teioh, and Shoichi Funaki vs. El Gran Hamada, Super Delfin, Gran Naniwa, Tiger Mask IV, and Masato Yakushiji
- January 18th, 2004 with Kojima vs. Arashi and Keiji Mutoh
- February 22nd, 2004 vs. BLUE-K (title win)
- July 3rd, 2006 vs. Katsuhiko Nakajima (tournament win)
- February 6th, 2009 vs. Naomichi Marufuji (title win)

- Hayashi before the Final Cut
- DDT on the Apron

Featured Signature Moves:
- Dragon Suplex
- Final Cut
- Inverted Brainbuster
- Moonsault
- Power Plant
- WA4

Other Signature Moves:
- Handstand Springboard Enzigieri
- Lionsault
- Mexican Clutch

2005 Recap:
Hayashi began the year as the All Japan Jr. Heavyweight Championship, but soon dropped it to TAKA Michinoku and was unable to get it back.  Somewhat left out due to not being involved in the Voodoo Murderers/RO&D feud, Hayashi usually wrestled in mid-card tag matches with Mutoh, Kojima, or other fan favorites.  Even though he is a Jr. Heavyweight, Hayashi is respected enough that he frequently wrestles heavyweights with moderate success.  At the Real World Tag League, Hayashi and Kojima came in second place in their bracket, barely missing the finals.

2006 Recap:
Kaz Hayashi consistently was one of the bright stars of the All Japan Jr. Heavyweight Division. On July 3rd, Hayashi won All Japan's Jr. Heavyweight Tournament, proving that he is still on the upper tier of All Japan Jr. Heavyweights. On August 27th, Kaz would lose to Kondo in his chance to win the All Japan Jr. Heavyweight Championship. One of the few Jr. Heavyweights to wrestle regularly towards the top of the card, Hayashi is a respected veteran of All Japan.

2007 Recap:
In 2007, Hayashi didn't challenge for any titles but he did stay at the top of the Jr. Heavyweight Division. During the summer he "left for Mexico" and a new wrestler named Miguel Hayashi Jr. appeared in his place as part of a faction called The Mexican Amigos. The Mexican Amigos feuded with Suzuki and company for much of the remainder of the year and since it was a more comedic role Hayashi stayed out of the title picture. In the Jr. Heavyweight League he came in third place in his bracket, defeating "brother" YASSHI and Chris Sabin. At the end of the year the Mexican Amigos disbanded and Kaz Hayashi returned, ready for a fresh start in 2008.

2008 Recap:
Finally back to his old self, in 2008 Hayashi raised to the top of the Jr. Heavyweight division again. In the Jr. Tag League, Hayashi teamed with El Samurai and the pair would come in first place in the bracket, but they would fall to Katsuhiko Nakajima and Ryuji Hijikata in the finals. In the Jr. Heavyweight League, Hayashi went into the last day with a chance to make the semi-finals but he fell to TAKEMURA. On May 25th, Hayashi challenged Ryuji Hijikata for the All Japan World Jr. Heavyweight Championship but he would come up short. At the November Sumo Hall event, Hayashi took on the Voodoo Murderers but would fall to HATE. Hayashi teamed with Osamu Nishimura in the Real World Tag League, and even though they picked up some key wins (including over Joe Doering and Zodiac), they would come in 6th place overall.

2009 Recap:
Hayashi had a fantastic year in 2009 as he regained the All Japan World Jr. Heavyweight Championship and never let go of it. On February 6th, Hayashi challenged Marufuji for the belt and defeated him with the Power Plant. Hayashi defended the title successfully six times during the rest of the year, defeating Minoru, Toshizo, MAZADA, Kondo, Super Crazy, and Hate. He also participated in the Jr. Heavyweight League, but failed to reach the semi-finals after only picking up a pinfall victory over NOSAWA Rongai. In the Jr. Heavyweight Tag League, he teamed with Kondo but they lost in the finals. Fighting for the regular army, in the fall he spent much of his time teaming with Nishimura, Mutoh, Hama, and company against the Voodoo Murderers and GURENTAI.

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